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3 Decorating Trends For Winter

3 Decorating Trends For Winter

Winter is almost here and there are several interior design trends for the season.

Here are three decorating trends for winter and information on how you can incorporate these trends when decorating your home office.

1. Warm Tones
Warm earthy colors can enhance the look of your home.

These colors are comforting; moreover, they yield a warming effect that contrasts the frigid, winter weather outside. There are several ways you can warm up the appearance of a room.

You can add wood flooring and stain it using colors like cinnamon, nutmeg, cherry, mahogany, or walnut. You can also add wooden chairs, tables, and wall decorations and stain them using those same colors.

Moreover, you can paint the walls in your home, using earthy colors like burnt sienna, burnt umber, brown ochre, and terra rosa. Additionally, you can add warm-colored fruit and foliage; you can add cherries, red and yellow apples, crimson and bosc pears, autumn leaves, and tree branches.

If you are decorating your home office and want to add warm colors to it, consider purchasing wooden furniture, such as a desk, a chair, and a few shelves, and stain them using warm earthy colors.

2. Shades of Grey
Many natural objects and phenomena like stones and mist come in shades of grey; thus, adding various shades of grey to a room can give it an earthy feel just as much as adding warm colors can.

There are many ways in which you can add various shades of grey to a room. You can invest in charcoal-colored chairs and tables and decorate them with slate-colored pillows or smoke-colored vases. You could also add black-and-white pictures since many of these pictures are comprised of various shades of grey.

Note that some grey colors like shadow are very deep while other colors like cloud are very light, so think carefully about how you want to showcase the different shades of grey in your room.

If you are decorating an office space, you can use varying shades to create an ombre effect or you can mix and match them as you see fit.

3. Granny Chic
Granny chic is the name of a design trend that hearkens back to older times. This trend involves the use of old-fashioned accessories, patterns, and styles in a contemporary environment.

Some who indulge in this decor style are enamored with the 1950s and end up using pastel-colored furniture, checkered floors, and patterned wallpaper in their homes. Others who indulge in this style are inspired by their grandparents’ country cottages and end up using floral designs, cotton and linen fabrics, and wood accents in their homes.

If you are decorating your home office and want to utilize this trendy style, you can add traditional elements like vintage furniture, embroidered curtains, or retro lamp shades.

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