About DenaJulia

I’m Dena Juila and this is my interior design blog for creative ideas transforming ordinary spaces into elegant designs. It focuses on home and office decorations, home plants, and lifestyle.

My Style Inspiration

Growing up in Houston, Texas, I was surrounded by a wide variety of styles and influences that led me to develop an early interest in decorating and interior design. The houses in Houston vary greatly in style, age, and size.

As I have travelled around the area, I have always enjoyed imagining what I would do with the variety of spaces that I have seen. 

For years, I have enjoyed designing spaces in my own home, and the homes of my friends and family. I am fascinated by new decorating techniques and trends, and love to spend my time exploring new possibilities for every space. 

Designing the Ideal Home Office

The idea for this blog was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. I had more time on my hands as I was unable to leave my house, and many of my friends were suddenly working from home in cramped spaces. I began to use my interest in design to give them advice on how to arrange their home office spaces. 

One of my friends was considering moving because she didn’t have enough room for a home office – she’d even started talking to a mortgage broker about getting preapproved.

After we worked together virtually, she is satisfied with the office space she has in her home. 

This experience really drove home to me how fulfilling it was to work with people in designing their spaces. I decided to launch this blog to share those ideas with a wider audience. 

Collaborative Design

I want to create a space to explore ideas and designs. I believe that design can be a collaborative experience.

If something you read here inspires you – let me know! I’d love to talk about the spaces you’re creating in your life. 

If you’re interested in working with me to design a space please feel free to contact me. Though I’m located in Houston, I am willing to work virtually with people throughout the country. 

On this blog, I hope to help bring you ideas about ways to bring your space together to make it more functional and enjoyable.