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How To Brighten Up Your Space

How To Brighten Up Your Space

By letting plenty of light into a room, you can elevate its look. Brightness not only enhances a room’s ambiance, but it also helps those with poor eyesight perceive objects better.

Here is some information on how you can brighten up a particular space.

1. Use light-colored paint.

Light-colored paint reflects light while dark-colored paint absorbs it; thus, light-colored paint would make a room appear brighter than dark-colored paint would.

If you are designing your ideal home office and would like it to appear lighter, you can use light-colored paint that has warm, cool, or neutral tones.

You can use light warm paint colors like peach, coral, wheat, amber, banana, butter, and lemon. You can use light cool paint colors like lavender, sky blue, light blue, baby blue, aqua blue, and seafoam. Or you can use light neutral paint colors like alabaster, cream, and light grey.

2. Add bright art pieces.

Bright works of art can make a room appear lighter.

When decorating a room, choose art pieces that consist of vibrant colors like sunflower yellow, lime green, turquoise blue, flamingo pink, tangerine orange, and lilac purple.

These bright colors will attract light into a room. Note that there are various types of art pieces you can use when decorating your home office. You can hang up paintings, drawings, or prints.

You can place ceramics and sculptures on your desk or shelves. Or you can add textile pieces like lace curtains, rugs, and embroidered pillowcases.

3. Position mirrors near sources of light.

If you really want to brighten up a room, add mirrors and place them in areas where they can reflect natural or artificial sources of light like the sun or a lightbulb.

Try not to place them directly in front of a light source because that could end up blinding you. Instead, place them adjacent to or across from a light source.

Note that when you place a mirror across from a window in your room, it will mimic the appearance of a window and function like a window, thereby increasing the amount of light in the room.

When decorating your home office, consider adding several large, thin-framed mirrors to brighten up the area.

4. Use sheer or light-filtering curtains.

Sheer curtains are a great option for those who want a substantial amount of natural light to flow into a room. These curtains are made of fabric that is translucent, so they are fairly see-through.

If you are looking for curtains that are more opaque but will still let in a good deal of light, light-filtering curtains are a great option.

When decorating your office, consider using sheer or light-filtering curtains to lighten the room.

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